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90 Degree North Subordinate Matrix™

The 90 Degree North Subordinate Matrix is a simple tool designed to assess the strengths of a supervisor while also identifying areas for growth and development. It is a feedback tool, measuring one's perceived ability to lead and manage, while providing the metrics for improving a supervisor's skills and effectiveness. Assessment is undertaken by graded response to a series of questions in each of four areas: Knowledge, Ability, Vision and Inspiration. The Matrix can be used for self-assessment, assessment by one's subordinates yielding an averaged result, and assessment of one's supervisor as part of the evaluative process.

After completion of the survey by subordinates, plotting the individual results on the 90 Degree North Subordinate Matrix will usually yield a cluster of results that shows the supervisor how he or she is perceived by those subordinates. The data will confirm or refute one's own perceptions of ability and can be used to target areas for improvement.

1. Your supervisor demonstrates that he / she has sufficient core professional knowledge for his / her role.
2. Your supervisor has demonstrated both an understanding of the organization's mission and the knowledge to carry it out.
3. When given difficult situations your supervisor applies the agency's policies in solving problems.
4. Your supervisor knows how to determine pertinent facts and can answer job related questions.
5. In serious situations your supervisor possesses the tactical knowledge to perform his / her job effectively.
6. Your supervisor knows how to prioritize tasks.
7. Your supervisor performs job related research to expand his / her professional knowledge.
8. Your supervisor encourages employees to take developmental training each year.
9. You can rely and trust the knowledge / information that your supervisor shares with you.
10. Your supervisor understands his / her role in helping employees grow and develop.
1. Your supervisor has the skills to discuss technical issues about the internal structure of the organization.
2. When faced with problems, your supervisor has demonstrated proficiency to gather outside knowledge and resources to resolve issues.
3. When meeting with your supervisor, he / she possess the skills to explain processes and / or decisions to ensure understanding and resolve issues.
4. Your supervisor develops plans and projects that have benchmarks and realistic outcomes.
5. Your supervisor demonstrates skill in implementing plans or processes to accomplish tasks or goals.
6. Your supervisor demonstrates consistency in actions and does not show favoritism.
7. Your supervisor has demonstrated the ability to consider feedback from others.
8. Your supervisor makes timely decisions after considering all dimensions of the situation.
9. Your supervisor shows the ability to effectively apply his / her job knowledge in a variety of situations.
10. When assigned projects, your supervisor stays organized and focused.
1. Your supervisor is able to communicate his / her vision so it becomes a shared vision.
2. Your supervisor provides reasons for you to meet or exceed operational expectations.
3. Your supervisor is able to create meaning for the team through his / her handling of opportunities and challenges.
4. Your supervisor presents an optimistic view of the organization's future with real enthusiasm to succeed.
5. Your supervisor goes beyond traditional thinking and develops innovative solutions to problems.
6. Your supervisor is committed to developing a strong well-skilled team.
7. Your supervisor has the philosophy and skills to improve performance.
8. Your supervisor explains the strategic "big picture" of your team.
9. Your supervisor's actions are consistent with his / her beliefs, values or stated goals.
10. Your supervisor inspires loyalty through the involvement of subordinates to meet team goals.
1. Your supervisor creates an image of the future that acts as a catalyst for creativity and motivation.
2. Your supervisor inspires you to meet or exceed unit and organizational expectations.
3. Your supervisor inspires you to improve your skills.
4. Your supervisor is able to encourage subordinates to perform and provide guidance when problems arise.
5. Your supervisor makes you want to complete assignments on time.
6. Your supervisor makes people feel intimately connected to actions and processes leading to the accomplishment of goals.
7. Your supervisor makes you feel important to the team.
8. Your supervisor provides clear goals for the team.
9. Your supervisor strives for good and positive relations among employees.
10. Your supervisor attempts to create opportunities that allow subordinates to be challenged, learn, and grow while achieving goals.
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This is just a sample of the powerful information the 90 North Matrix can provide to graphically highlight attributes of leadership and management.

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