Leadership RVA has a Mission of providing management and leadership solutions to meet the needs of partnering organizations. We aspire to assist companies in building their momentum to accomplish goals through the advancement of management, development and leadership strategies.

Our four founding members were among 12 individuals enrolled in a master's degree program in Human Resource Management at the University of Richmond in 2006. The students came from diverse backgrounds in the field of public safety and included firefighters, police officers, sheriff deputies and rescue volunteers. The students' work experience ranged from a director's position to a first-line employee.

During the two-year program, the participants exchanged many diverse viewpoints. As the program evolved, it became clear that extensive training would be exceedingly beneficial for lower- and mid-level supervisors in every organization represented.

From this experience, two firefighters and two police officers formed a cooperative venture, Leadership RVA. Our goal was to help businesses strive toward their full leadership capabilities and thus overcome the common workplace deficiencies that limit productivity. We bring over 70 years practical experience through hands experience, professional development and instructor certifications in our fields, adjunct professor certifications, and professional in human resource PHR certifications.

In the business world, employees are promoted to higher levels with the expectation that they will succeed. The Mission of Leadership RVA is to provide the training in management, strategic development and leadership that will ensure this success.