“Mike Phibbs did an outstanding job as a sector commander. He turned the ship around and moved it in the right direction. Pound for pound no other sector commander can keep up with his energy.”

Herman W. Loney
Sector Lieutenant
Focus Mission Team

Mike Phibbs, PHR

Mike Phibbs has 19 years of police experience. He has received the Police Medal for Valor and spent a career developing innovative techniques to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. He has also created a splash in the public safety community in the past few years.

Mike has authored cutting edge articles on organizational development covering such topics as Sector Policing, Employee Engagement, Chief Score and Organizational Branding in Public Safety. His articles have been published twice by the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Virginia Center for Police Innovation, and on line magazines, websites and blogs. He helped developed the Pyramid of Performance Factors which show how an organization's structure and individual officers / firefighters emotional commitment combine to impact engagement and performance. He has taught at the Virginia conference of the International Police Chiefs Association, Mid-Atlantic Fire Chiefs Conference, and the Virginia Fire Officers Academy.

Mike is a member of the Central Virginia All Hazards Incident Management Team. His social media writing uses humorous stories to show how different leadership techniques can make an emotional impact on individuals and then be used to transform organizations.


Mike Phibbs Mike received a Masters Degree in Human Resources from the University of Richmond in 2008. Described as "Mr. Over-achiever", Mike continues to learn how people with superior leadership and management skills develop. He then tests these theories himself before incorporating them into a training program. He is included in a Select few in public safety who have received the distinguishing PHR certification.