Gary Samuels
Public service and military employees understand the hierarchy of the organizational leadership by knowing the rank structure. Firefighters and police officers learn different leadership styles from many diverse leaders and develop their own styles through education and mentoring. Gary Samuels is no exception. Gary was an early leader. He attained honor graduate status from the U.S. Air Force Basic Training and Firefighter Technical Schools. Gary spent ten years in the Virginia Air National Guard and U.S. Air Force learning about military leadership and developing the skills needed to lead others.

In 1988, Gary began his career in the fire service. In his career, Gary has worked as a firefighter, paramedic, training coordinator, fire lieutenant, fire captain and Battalion Chief for the County of Henrico Division of Fire. These positions developed leadership and management styles that allowed Gary to win the hearts and respect of employees, thus these employees willingly follow his leadership. He believes by treating employees with respect, dignity, allowing them to make decisions/mistakes, and giving them good advice they will develop the skills needed to lead and manage.

In 1999, Gary became a union leader within his organization. He has held executive board positions for the Henrico Professional Firefighters Association and as a trustee for the Virginia Professional Firefighters. These positions are selected by his peers and demonstrate his stature within these organizations. Gary works hard to share his knowledge with his peers.

Education is a keystone to success for Gary and he never quits learning. Gary graduated from the National Labor College in 2004 with duel Bachelors of Arts degrees in Union Leadership/Administration and Labor Studies. In 2008, he fulfilled a life long dream by graduating with a Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Richmond. This formal education gave Gary a higher level of knowledge, skills, and abilities to become a more effective leader. Gary incorporates his dedicated work ethic, passion for helping others, and a diverse educational background when developing quality leadership programs.