Walter Blake Stephens

W. Blake Stephens has been with Hanover Fire and EMS as a career firefighter for over 7 years. He started his career with Hanover in February of 2008.

He obtained his undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University with a concentration in Environmental Science. He continued on to obtain his Masters degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Richmond where his studies focused on Organizational Behavior/Development, High Performance Team Development, and Building Leadership.

Blake Stephens has worked in the operations division since coming to Hanover. He has worked on several projects from a hospital response guidebook to department policy development.

He was a member of the 2014 Engine company of the year, a 2014 Chief’s Choice Award recipient as well as a 2015 Life save award. Blake Stephens is a graduate of the Virginia Fire Officer Academy


Blake Stephens continues to work on policy development, the department’s newsletter and is assigned to Station 4, A-shift.