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Strategic Planning

For supervisor's strategic planning becomes a balancing act between the overall objectives of the organization and the goals and needs of the subordinate unit. Supervisors tend to use action plans and short term objectives in order to reach organizational goals. In many cases this results in the operational unit "constantly putting out fires" and becoming reactionary rather than developing proactive measures. Supervisors need to be able to be able to understand and implement their organizations strategic plan.

LeadershipRVA is committed to enhancing practices that will align strategic goals at all levels in the organization. Once supervision understands the strategic plan of the organization the respective supervisor's role to develop subordinate employees and enhance unit effectiveness aligns with organizational strategic tasks, initiatives, and goals.

LeadershipRVA's goal is to assist in the development of practices the will align those strategic goals for all levels of the organization. The combined goal of Integritas Leadership Solutions and the client organization is to assist in developing and enhancing organizational citizenship.