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• Employee Performance and Engagement in Public Safety Survey

• 90 Degree North Subordinate Matrix

At LeadershipRVA, we’ve created a benchmark by which companies measure employees’ performance and engagement levels. Our survey system provides clients with the opportunity to take an unvarnished, in-depth look into their organization. We pinpoint seemingly small problems that can ultimately undermine success.

Rather than simply assessing the survey’s whole numbers, we further break down our findings into core units. This detailed approach provides an operational picture that concisely identifies every strength and weakness of an organization. With meticulously assembled information in hand, we provide a comprehensive training plan tailored specifically to the needs of each level of an organization. This allows our clients to implement the proper measures to assure optimum performance.

Our surveys examine your organization from several perspectives, including:

- How does an employee’s perception of the organization,
   prior to joining, effect performance overtime?

- How does the organization’s responsiveness to the needs
   of its employee’s effect performance?

- How do the individual supervisors effect overall performance?

- How effective are your organizations leaders
   in using leadership and management skills?


Operational Systems

Employee Performance and Engagement in Public Safety Survey

This unique survey, arguably the most sensitive instrument of its type, allows us to identify problems that are routinely overlooked in traditional evaluation methods. Designed by public safety personnel, the expertise behind our survey allows a company's true trends to be revealed.
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90 Degree North Subordinate Matrix
Perception is reality in the eyes of your employees. Maximize your organization's performance and create a competitive edge by seeiing your leadership team’s strengths and areas of potential weakness. Our simple to complete survey measures leadership and management from those who see it the most: the employees.
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